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Looking for free CRM.? Try Hubspot

Hubspot is well known for its marketing automation capabilities. Hubspot also provides a CRM service that helps organizations to manage their customer information. Being free, you may expect some limitations. But in true sense it’s completely free. That too hosted in cloud.

Here are the features it provide

  1. Store and manage upto 10 lakh contacts
  2. Record the whole customer journey.
  3. Integrate Gmail and other major email clients
  4. Log every activity of a contact
  5. Initiate chat with prospects and customers.

Leverage these kind of tools to empower your sales team. Let this be a start of digital transformation.

Click here to know more about HUBSPOT CRM


How to execute .sh files in Linux(Ubuntu)

You may encounter with a .sh file several times when you try to download an application/software for linux. .sh files are shell script files for Unix-based operating systems. There are 2 ways in which it can be executed.  One is by using the terminal and another is by using the GUI of the operating system.

1. Using Terminal

Step 1: Open Terminal
Step 2: For giving permission to execute your script, Type this in the terminal. Remember to give your file path.
chmod +x /path/to/
Step 3: Execute the script. Just point your file location.
Eg:  /path/to/

2. Using GUI

Step 1 : Locate the file in your system. Step 2 :  For giving permission to execute your script,
Right-click on the fileSelect Properties
Select Permissions
Select Allow executing file as a program Once its done, close the Properties window Step 3: Double-click the file. A dialog will pop up giving you the option to run the script in a terminal. Go with it. It’s all done. Note: Not all files are safe to install. Verify the original source before executing these type of files.


Meet Mautic: The Open Source Marketing Automation Tool

Looking for an alternative for Hubspot.? Try Mautic. It’s a free and open source marketing automation tool. Mautic will help you in personalizing customer experiences, that will result in driving more leads from your customers.

Type: Marketing Automation Tool
Platform: PHP
Licensing fee: 100% free. No strings attached.
Deployment: Self Hosted

  • Contact Tracking & Nurturing
  • Managing Marketing Campaign
  • Building Dripflow Programs
  • Integrating Social Media Channels
  • Managing Landing Pages and Digital Assets

Why wait, try one of the most powerful marketing tools available now. Click Here to visit Mautic website


Perspective API : The abusive content hunter

Abusive or Toxic conversations in a web platform are always a head ache for site owners. It will not only spoil the online reputation, but also welcome a lot of other problems. Here is a service from Google named Perspective API. It’s an API service that helps in identifying the ‘Toxic’ factor in your conversations. Perspective API uses machine learning to spot abuse and harassment web platforms. It delivers a ‘Toxic Score’ for a conversation. Web administrator can use this score to provide real time feedback to participants in the conversation. On configuring Perspective API on your platform, you can identify and eliminate toxic/abusive conversations with an ease.

Platform: API based


Automated testing using Behat

BEHAT is an automated testing framework for PHP. Behat is used for functional testing. Behat is open source as well as it can be expanded using extensions. It works on the principle, Behavior Driven Development. Behat requirement documents are written in a language called Gherkin. Gherkin is plain English formatted in a specific way so that the Behat software can parse it. It will require programmers support to implement it.

More information is available at Behat Official website.


How to send Ebooks to Amazon Kindle using Emails

It’s quite easy. Just follow the steps given below

Step 1: Find the email address of your Kindle

  • Login to your Amazon account.
  • Navigate to [if Indian account , ]
  • Navigate to Your Devices >> Kindle>> Next to “Email,” you’ll find the Kindle’s email address.

Step 2: Add your email id [from which you will send books] to approved email list.
After locating Kindle Settings >> Approved Personal Document E-mail List >> Add email, if your email id doesn’t exist there.

Step 3 : Send the email.

For different file formats, you will have to send different emails.

  1. Mobi Format
    Just attach the file, add a subject line and send it to Kindle’s email. No email body text needed.
  2. PDF format
    Option 1 : Retain graphics and structure as it is.
    Just attach the file, add a subject line and send it to Kindle’s email. No email body text needed.
    Option 2 : Convert the pdf to kindle format for better readability. This will result in loosing the default page structure and formatting.
    Attach the file, add the subject line as convert and send it to Kindle’s email. No email body text needed.
  3. EPUB Format
    Amazon Kindle by default accepts .mobi format. So convert that book to .mobi format using some converter. Eg: Calibre, .

Software Intro : OpenShot Video Editor

Looking for an open source software to execute basic video edits?

Here comes OpenShot video editor. As the name indicates, it’s open source and is completely free. It comes with a tons of options to edit videos both online and offline. It can be installed on windows machine, Linux Machine and even on Mac machines. They also delivers an Amazon instance that can be used for online editing. API’s are also available. So, if you are planning to build a mobile app that needs a video editing feature, you can use it..

Website :
Type : Video Editor
Platform : Windows, Linux, Mac and Amazon Instance
API availability : Yes for online instances.


State of Content Based Digital Marketing 2019-July

Digital marketing has diverged to content marketing now. Anywhere and everywhere we can see only content marketers. Content created by Brands and Individuals are now being consumed by Brands and Individuals who learns how to create marketing content. In short, most of the content marketing campaigns are not hitting targets. What may be the reason? Let’s check this out.

Multiple Contents – Single Source
Content authors rely on popular sources for fresh ideas. Once they have it, authors transform the ideas to their language. But the essence remains the same. When authors representing multiple organizations, does the same, It creates a pool of same content with different variations. A wise content consumer who is interested in genuine content can easily identify this. It ruins the reputation of brand, thus results in campaign failure.
Q: What is the way out ?
A: Create afresh content and relate it to real life cases.

Bad Idea of making influencer the center piece
Influencer marketing is on a hype now. Before going behind the hype, just think whether Influecer marketing works for you. If Yes, Identify the right kind of influencer. Not all influences are the same. Their exposure depends on the exposure. Influencer marketing can quickly boost brand awareness. At the same time, if not handled well, it will tarnish the reputation.

[Update in progress.. Please be patient]


Use ‘Open Calais’ to structure your unstructured content

Open Calais is an initiative from Thomson Reuters that help people in structuring unstructured data. Open Calais uses Natural Language Processing(NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyse unstructured text to generate semantic data in RDF format.
It’s quite easy for webmasters to implement it. All you have to do is feed unstructured data into Open Calais using API’s and generate tags for people, places, companies, facts, and events in your content to increase its value, accessibility and interoperability.
Open Calais offers Free as well as Paid plans.

Hosted/On Premise

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