Drupal 8.8 Feature List


The much awaited Drupal update is here. Launch of Drupal 8.8, the stepping stone to Drupal 9. It’s on 4-December-2019, Drupal launched this minor version update. Drupal 8.8 brings a handful of improvements and feature updates.

Release Notes and Download Links are available here

So, it’s time to explore the new features in Drupal 8.8.

  • More Stabilized Media Library : This update brings the easiness in reusing media files. It is also integrated with content forms to capture media content and CKEditor to include media in content.
  • Claro Administration Theme : Drupal is coming out of it’s long standing Admin Theme. New theme is clean and super intuitive. To add, it has some great accessibility features and it’s touch friendly too.
  • Hierarchical Workspace: it’s now possible to define hierarchical workspace in Drupal. Eg : Having different issues for a magazine. To ensure quality of published content, editorial and publishing workflows have been integrated to it.
  • Composer as a Native Component: This will eliminate the dependencies on third party projects to setup Drupal.
  • Help Topics: A new task based help topics has been added. This is a bit different from earlier version..

If you are a Non-Drupal User, it’s the right time to try Drupal. Other than the things mentioned above, Drupal brings in a a suite of features to the table by default. Default features of Drupal includes Mobile First Interfaces API First Approach that flavors integrations Structured Data Entry Interfaces SEO Optimized Architecture Layout Builder Form Builder Ability to Decouple etc

So, why wait. Try Drupal. If you are a Drupal Site Owner Try upgrading to Drupal 8.8. Feel free to reach me at [email protected], if you need any support in Drupal Upgrade.